Hello, my name is Megan DePerro. I live in New York and I attended university at SUNY Fredonia and graduated in 2009. I have also lived in Canada and Finland.

I speak eight languages. I have worked in all types of schools including public (government), Catholic, charter, and Montessori for poor, middle class, and rich students. Now, I work as an online tutor due to contracting an illness three years ago that makes it impossible to drive.

I tutor children, teenagers, and adults in: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, and English. When teaching English I teach British English unless you are an immigrant to the United States or taking an English class in the United States.

I also tutor in: primary school sciences, primary school mathematics, social studies (all kinds), writing, reading, Christianity, and introduction to psychology and sociology.

I charge $30 per hour US. There is a $10 no show fee if you don't cancel 24 hours before your lesson. The first lesson is free, afterwards you pay $30 per hour using paypal.

Anyone under 18 must have a parent with them.

I am very well aware of the American, Canadian, British, and continental European schooling systems. I am also rehearsed in Montessori education, Steiner education, and unschooling. I am also able to work with students with dyslexia and autism. I also welcome adults who want to learn a language whether that is for fun, business, or just for a holiday. I'm also available for translating, but I will not translate homework assignments.

I make my lessons creative and fun, but I make you work so you learn new things.

EMTs, police, and firefighters are given 2 free lessons as a thank you for keeping people safe. I strongly recommend EMTs, firefighters, and police to take Spanish or French lessons with me.

Proof that you hold one of these jobs is required for the second free lesson.

Sincerely, Megan DePerro.