Tutoring - K-12th and university. English, English as a second language, reading, writing, mathematics grades/years 1-8, the sciences grades/years 1-8, high school biology, economics, health, social studies/history of every background, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Finnish on all levels, and Polish to the intermediate level. I teach English using the US, UK, or Canadian dialect depending on where the person lives. Able to use Skype. The first lesson is free. Afterwards, lessons are $30 per hour. The going rate is $65 here in New York for comparison. I have a very different way of teaching than most. Come talk to me about past students very quick rise to mastering their subjects. If you need something edited we can discuss this.

Montessori and Unschooling Consultations- $40 per hour. Come learn the benefits of Montessori schooling, which can be done in a class or at home, and unschooling. We will go over the benefits of both, how children learned before public or government schools, and the legalties of unschooling or Montessori homeschooling where you live. Able to use Skype.

Soul Energy Paintings- $15 per painting if simple. $20 per painting if complex. With a soul painting I use the colours your soul is most attracted to to interpret what it needs. I did this for free for over a year but now I am charging. I cannot work with your soul energy unless it grants me permission.

Adoptee Consultations- I cannot take the place of professional psychological services. However, nobody knows adoption better than an adoptee. We live it! With being an adoptee, enduring the discrimination of closed adoption (which you do not see in progressive countries like Germany), and sixteen years of research I provide services to adoptees, first parents, and biological kin of adoptees on: searching, making contact, why to make contact when a biological parent asks you not to, overcoming your doubts, understanding the multitude of problems in America's adoption industry, learning your heritage, and more. Prices range. Able to use Skype.