East Aurora Montessori School. I applied the practices of Dr. Montessori’s pedagogic and psychological practices to furthur advance the cultural, social, emotional, and educational needs of the modern day toddler. I also changed diapers and assisted in toilet training for toddlers who felt ready. I kept the room tidy by keeping all learning stimuli (books, puzzles, etc) in the Montessori order. I furthered my research of Montessori by reading her books in English and Italian.

Catholic Academy West- substitute teacher at a diverse (racial and economic) urban school. I created and implemented lesson plans in primary school subjects; math, English, French, social studies, and science at various intellectual capabalities; gifted, average, and intellectually disabled (which varied on tiers). A vast indepth knowledge of many subjects and the ability to teach it simultaneously in a variety of ways whilst maintaing control of students in kindergarten through eighth grade. I facilitated projects as well and dealt with bullying.

Summit Educational Resources- teacher aide. I learned and practiced SCIPR when students became violent to themselves, myself, or others. I quickly learned ASL and taught it to students who were limited in their communication. I independently researched various psychiatric and neurological disorders such as severe autism and severe conduct disorder. I implemented academic, life, and behavioral lesson plans to adolescent males with extreme behavior problems and severe psychological complications.

Canastota School District November- substitute teacher - I substitute taught in this impoverished rural school district for kindergarten through twelfth. Lesson plans were left for me and I followed the directions. I went above and beyond by assisting students with any extra information that would make them better comprehend the material being taught. I kept the classroom lively and engaged. Discipline was never an issue in this school district. I taught Spanish, reading, English, social studies, and just about every subject except art and high school math.

Fayetteville Manlius School District substitute teacher- I substituted at this upper middle class and wealthy district with a small percentage of impoverished students. I implemented lesson plans for kindergarten through twelfth grade, learning and teaching an immense variety of topics in a wide range of school subjects to students in advanced placed courses, average regents courses, and special education courses. I kept order of the classroom, but also showed respect by letting high school students use the honor system with me (ie going to their locker for a book and quickly returning) which worked for all students in the entire school except for two. I often substitute taught for French, music theory, choir, and orchestra along with English and social studies in the middle school. I was the substitute for a few days for a boy with Fragile X Syndrome and studied the neurological disorder (related to autism) prior to my first day of working with him. I was able to keep him calm during a fire drill, which other teachers said was hard to do and used on the spot communication methods to prevent him from going into his own world of fantasizing about Peter Pan and not making any connection with his peers. In two days I also had him toilet trained, a task his parents had been trying to accomplish for years.