I had the honor of living with a master chef in Finland when I was an exchange student in 2003-2004. Here I learned various cooking techiques such as saute, grill, bake, and broil. I learned how to properly hold a knife correctly to avoid chopping off my thumb, and how to time food correctly (ie reindeer takes much longer to cook than fish). I learned the importance of why meat should never be cooked well done. I learned how to chop at great speed and how to keep a kitchen tidy and in perfect order.

I am knowledgeable in all Microsoft applications. I am capable of creating: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and any other Microsoft applications and have had experience with these from eight to seventeen years depending on which application. My PowerPoint presentation contain to the point texts, links to further one’s knowledge and research of the subject, and a pleasing background.

I have been literate and a verbal speaker of French for twenty one years, Portuguese for twelve years, Spanish on and off my whole life (not fluent but advanced), Polish for sixteen years, Italian for twelve years, Finnish for twelve years, Catalan for twelve years, and Italian for fifteen years. I have also dabbled and continue to learn: ASL, Cornish, and Russian. I am learning German as I learned it's my heritage.